This site is created in partnership between programmer Victor Porton and enterpreneur Valentine Kleinburd.

About Victor Porton

From childhood Victor is a programming and mathematics enthusisast.

After some study of mathematics in a university, Victor hired as a programmer.

Victor Porton’s working experience

Victor does programming in C, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, XSLT, Ada, JavaScript, and other programming languages at high professional level.

In the past he studied also the following programming languages:

  • C++
  • Pascal (including Object Pascal)
  • Bash
  • assembler i486
  • various Basics
  • Antlr
  • Lex/Flex
  • Yacc/Bison
  • Awk
  • Emacs Lisp
  • (other)

He also learned Ruby and Go recently, but don’t yet have a great experience with these languages.

Victor Porton greatest passion in computers is Linux operating system and Ada programming language. We provide setting and administering Linux servers.

Victor knows XML: XSLT for processing of XML files, and also different XML and RDF technologies.

Past and current jobs

Python Django Developer – Arcamens
Jan 2017 → Current
Developing a backend of a Web application

Debian Linux server administrator – a nonprofit foundation
Oct 2013 → Current
Installing and updating software on a Debian Linux server, running several sites, both static and dynamic ones.

Perl programmer – a company providing a news and entertainment site
Oct 2013 → Current
Writing new and modifying existing Perl scripts, administering MySQL database.

Programmer – a center for development of children’s talents
Feb 2013 → Sep 2013
Developing all components of the company’s Web site (mainly backoffice, but also frontoffice).

Perl and PHP programmer – a Web development company
Dec 2008 → Dec 2012
Programming of Web sites (both back and front office), based on templates provided by Web designers.

computer technician, C++ programmer – a small electronics company
Apr 2007 → Mar 2008
installing and configuring operating systems (Windows and Linux), C++ programming.